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When it comes to machining, you need to be confident and work with experts. SLE has worked on machining projects since 1987, building extensive experience in numerous industries with an impressive history of work completed. Our Darwin Machining Workshop services include lathes, general machining, specialised machining and machining in-field, making us the leading Territory business in this specialised area.

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Efficient, transparent and accurate project scoping and quoting.

Avoid costly replacements

We can provide in-situ pipe flange facing, bevelling, and machining services. This can often avoid the costly alternative of replacing large and expensive items that have been damaged in some way before installation and or fit up.

Meet deadlines

We are Darwin locals and flexible to your timelines. We run like a well-oiled machine working together efficiently and effectively. Our knowledgeable, hard-working team guarantees efficiency and quality.

Ensure quality

Our experience in machining is extensive. Exceptionally high standards are at the forefront of our processes. All compliance checks are meticulously followed, and you will receive detailed documentation at the end of every job.

Bringing the right tools for the machining work at hand

General machining

  • Horizontal borer with facing & boring up to 2400mm dia, 1400 x 1600 x 1200 xyz axis travel. PCD drilling with PLC electric control and digital read out with memory, milling, threading and high accuracy optical protection on table rotation. Infinitely variable speed and feeds.
  • Universal milling machines
  • Radial arm drills
  • Heavy duty pedestal drill for drilling QT plates
  • 12” Slotter for keyways and splines
  • SLE provides a large range of calibrated measuring equipment ranging from 0 to over 1500m, including ball trammels for measuring RTJ grooves and surface finish gauges.
  • Unrivalled machine capacity in Northern Australia. Machines are generally less than 10yrs old and most have digital reads outs (DRO) fitted.


  • Up to 6m between centres
  • Up to 1660 diameter in gap
  • Up to 1010 over bed
  • Up to 770 over saddle
  • Digital read outs (D.R.O)
  • Linishing attachment
  • Taper turning attachments
  • Hydraulic copying attachment

Titan SC-22-27 Vertical Borer

  • Facing and boring up to 2630mm diameter
  • 1500mm bridge clearance
  • Table dia. 2000mm
  • Maximum machining height under cross rail 1500mm
  • Work piece weight 12,000kg
  • Twin vertical turrets
  • Working feed range 0,05-5 mm/rot
  • 5 axis digital read out system (D.R.O)
  • Plate speed 1-140rpm

Darwin Machining Services

Scope your machining project

Scope your machining project

No machining project is too big or too small. In scoping your project our team will outline the path to providing an effective solution to meet your requirements, timelines and budget.

Transparent quoting

Our costings are always upfront and honest. Transparency is critical in getting a project completed efficiently. We are flexible around your processes and can tailor our invoicing and quoting process to your specific needs.

Scope your machining project

Delivering on your expectations

Once a job is approved our team are quick to take action. Our highly skilled team of qualified tradesmen are dedicated to meeting your expectations. You will be impressed by their knowledge and efficiency.

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