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Our highly specialised team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in welding. Welding services are carried out by qualified Welders to both Australian and international standards. We have years of experience on projects across a range of industries such as mining, marine and oil and gas.

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Efficient, transparent and accurate project scoping and quoting.


One of the biggest benefits SLE can provide is our ability to weld both on and off-site. Our welding workshop accommodates large equipment pieces, meaning we are able to take the project away with little interruption to the daily running of your work. However, as our team are local, we can also come to you. Sometimes it is impossible to weld off-site, thanks to our ability to be flexible to your unique situations, we can send a team to you usually within 24 hours. Our experienced welders are incredibly skilled at their work and can finish projects in excellent time.


Our team boasts some of the best and most experienced welders in the Northern Territory. They have years of experience across multiple industries and can service both on-site and off-site projects. The combined experience is complimented by the strong sense of teamwork each of our welders bring with them to every job. We are fortunate that most of our team have worked on projects together for over six years, creating a highly efficient and experienced team.


SLE puts compliance at the top of the list. Our strict internal checks, such as regular audits, ensure that your project is completed to the highest of standards. Our welders are compliant and qualified up to the latest industry requirements, providing you with confidence and reassurance.

Scope your requirements

Scope your requirements

Once we understand your scope of work we can help you assess if we need to be on or off site. Our team are flexible and will work with you to find the best solution.

See how we fabricated a drum scrubber mounting frame for GEMCO.

Transparent costings

Our costings are always upfront and honest. Transparency is vital for successful project completion. We are flexible around your processes and can tailor our invoicing and quoting process to your specific needs.

Scope your requirements

Completing your welding project

We pride ourselves on our high standards. We have experienced, qualified local welders on our team meeting standards such as AWS D1.1, AS/NZS 1554.1, AS/NZS 3992 and ASME IX. You can be confident that our work will be up to the highest standards and you will have all the documentation you need for internal processes.


SLE has a vast library of qualified welding procedures to the above standards, including procedures certified by Lloyds and DNV. If we don't have suitable procedures available, we can develop quality procedures in house to suit your requirements.


We're an end-to-end service provider. We are dedicated to offering you support and advice after your project has been completed.

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